There’s Lake Erie

Lake Erie from Westfield NY in the fogWe got our first peek at Lake Erie today.

This is the fifth day of pulling our RV from Texas to New York (nothing too demanding, only about 300 miles a day). Tomorrow, we pull the final 90 miles to Darien Lake Amusement Park and set up for the summer. Wednesday, we start the hike.

Today, though we arrived at Westfield / Lake Erie KOA in the late afternoon amid a fairly thick fog. But, by the time the trailer was set up, we’d run into town to fuel the truck, and walked across the street and through a park to Lake Erie, the view had improved somewhat, as you see above.

The weather has caught a lot of our attention the past few days as we’ve watch the extended forecast, predictions that called for temperature highs in the 50s and possible all-day rains. Those temps aren’t bad, unless it’s too windy, but cold rain is not enticing at all.

Right now, however, the rain prediction is considerably lower and they’ve even raised the temps into the 60s.

An update on our plans. Two co-workers from last summer have graciously agreed to drive us to the starting point Wednesday morning. As an added treat, a former co-worker of mine from Texas who now lives in Buffalo is planning to join us for the kickoff with her kid(s) if the weather is suitable.

Anyone else want to join in? Use the “Leave a Comment” link at the top of this post or send an email to steve (at) stevemartaindale (dot) com and I’ll make sure you know more or less when we’re planning to start out. We will begin the first day at Niawanda Park in Tonawanda, where the canal leaves the Niagara River.

And pray for dry weather.

3 thoughts on “There’s Lake Erie

  1. Annette

    I’m sure you are bedded down for the night as tomorrow is the BIG day. Praying for dry weather and pep in your step. Here’s to day # 1 ~ Annette


  2. Gary Griesbach

    Westfield, NY !! That is only 25 + miles from my home on Lake Erie (Lawrence Park, PA). That picture of Lake Erie reminds me of some good times when I was young.
    As a teenager it was popular for teenagers to drive to NY to buy beer. The drinking age was 21 in PA and only 18 in NY. Of course, not me! I didn’t drink until I met Annette! She is laughing! I hope all is going well with both of you and that temperatures there ( and your feet) are better for walking. BTW, it is a good time to have some lake perch for dinner. It is a very mild fish that I used to catch a lot up there. Since you were in NY last year you have probably had some already.


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