Just keep …

Iconic towpath view
The iconic Erie Canal image.

We figured out the secret.


We walked 7.5 miles Wednesday and 13 miles Thursday. Friday, we were looking at 18 miles. There is, it seems, a trick to doing it.

Just keep walking.

A friend on Facebook pointed out after our 13-mile day how the “pickers” working in Amazon shipping warehouses are known to walk 12-15 miles a day. I wanted to point out they had carts and didn’t have to carry everything on their backs.

Seriously, you just keep walking.

My initial blister has subsided, due to changing shoes and/or wearing two socks. A blister on the other foot’s heel came up and we stopped along the trail for Leah to apply bandages. That worked well. When we got to our destination, Garden View B&B in Medina, and I pulled off my shoes, I felt another blister on the other heel. I’ve never really had blister issues before, but we’re dealing with them.

Other than that, good night sleeps have eased most of our aches and pains.

This B&B is owned by a charming couple who do a great job of making you feel at home. They’ve also been quite interesting to talk to.

Leah’s taking over the rest of this while I upload more photos.

Leah’s notes

Today was exactly how we had pictured the canal walk to be – long and straight along the canal. It was mostly all rural with many farms and vineyards. And, of course, spring is still busy springing.

We saw several families of Canada geese with the tiny goslings paddling behind mama. If you are walking through Lockport be sure to visit the Erie Canal Discovery Center across from the Presbyterian church with the Tiffany windows.

And be sure to visit one of the wonderful restaurants in town to eat and use the facilities because there aren’t any along the trail!

As you go down the trail on the way to Medina, there are mile markers and also markers that tell where water pipes are. Just past the marker 119 is a lovely bench under shade trees (well they will be shady when the leaves sprout) and there is a cluster of large lovely useful boulders. Elsewhere along the trail, you will occasionally find a bench or a place where other hikers have camped.

The downtown of Middleport was right across a bridge around mile marker 11. We ate a late lunch at Village Pizzeria. Wow! Great pizza with a homemade sauce. And the owner and his daughters were so gracious with their service. They even helped us pack the leftovers up nicely so they would fit in our backpacks.

I have said about some hikes, “Oh, that was nothing.” Well, 18 miles is something.

10 thoughts on “Just keep …

  1. RE: a picture taken on day 3 . . . the locks on the bridge. They are referred to as Love Locks. When two people are in love, they will often inscribe their initials on the lock, connect it to the bridge and throw the key in the river below. There is a bridge in Paris, Pont des Arts, that was famous for this UNTIL officials removed the locks as the weight was destroying the bridge. OK, more than you ever wanted to know!


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