Flashes of history

You never know where you might learn something.


We have found just a bit of a flaw in our plan.


Walking the Erie Canal Trailway (I must quit dropping the use of “trailway” because pretty soon we’ll be leaving the canal proper for some time and going with the trail … because we’re walking and not boating.) was envisioned as an opportunity to not only see the famous canal but to learn about the area’s history and meet its people.

Well, the truth is, there is a lot of empty canal space.

We’ve walked miles and miles without encountering another person. Then, when we get to our evening stop, it’s a long walk to those interesting things we’d love to see. And we’re tired. And car-less. And sometimes we’re dodging weather.

In other words, we’ve mostly seen just a lot of canal and only a tease of the communities. However, some of them have been quite interesting.

Take the photo above. Had you heard of this? Here’s a story that gives a little more background.

We have met people, of course, such as Mike and Bernadette, the couple Leah mentions below. As we approached each other at some barren spot on the trail, I whispered to Leah, “Kindred spirits?” They recognized the same in us, as was evident in how we greeted each other.

Oh, yeah, we have seen a bit of wildlife. Today’s included a groundhog (which you’ll find on the extra pictures page) and four deer. There have also been snakes, chipmunks, frogs, turtles and hundreds of Canada geese.

Leah’s notes

We learned something today. We are not the only crazy people in the world.

As we were walking along, we saw a couple walking toward us and what do you know, they were walking the canal trail in the other direction. They soon would be staying at the Garden View B&B where we had stayed, and we were on our way to the Rosewood B&B, where they had stayed

The Rosewood, by the way, is a large B&B with 5 guest rooms, but we’re the only ones here tonight. We are in the Peach Room.

The owner, Karen, is a busy lady who works full time, makes jewelry, gardens, keeps her grandson for the summer AND runs this elegant B&B. We scooted in the door right before it started to rain.

One thing I’ve wondered about was why there weren’t more people in boats on the canal or picnicking in the parks, or hanging out in their yards this weekend – because on the whole the weather was super. Then I remembered, it was opening weekend at Darien Lake theme park! That’s where all of western New York was!

3 thoughts on “Flashes of history

  1. Interesting story about the wire walker and the bridge collapse. Sad. Love Leah’s extra pictures page. I see at least two more books . . . the mysterious dock in the middle of nowhere and the locks on the lock at Lockport.


  2. Wow. Some powerful and tragic history. I’m sorry to hear that some aspects of the walk aren’t working out–but what fun to meet some fellow walkers. I’m sure you were each eager to hear a bit about what lies ahead! I wish you had bikes handy. It would be nice if the B&B places had some to borrow.


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