Now you know

IMG_1030Here’s a little information you might find interesting, according to a marker in Holley, N.Y.

Two more images on the photo page.

Leah’s notes

Today was glorious!

We had a leisurely breakfast of homemade banana bread, juice, strawberries & cream, sausage, hash browns and an asparagus and cheese omelet. I guess our hostess at the Rosewood B&B thought we looked hungry.

The day was sunny and cool enough to make exercise feel good. Today’s trail had more people biking, walking and fishing. In Clarkson, there was a neat rest stop (yes, a portable toilet!).

It was only a 7-mile walk today, so we could go slowly. We arrived at Brockport and what do you think was right by the bridge we had to cross? The Stoneyard Brewery Bar and Grill.

After a lovely lunch, we checked out the boater/hiker/bicycler welcome center. It had showers, laundry, a couch and a computer. Nice, but we were headed another mile and a half – to the Hampton Inn.

One thought on “Now you know

  1. I’ve always wondered about the origin of Podunk. And I love the Ivory Soap sign. I grew up with Ivory Soap, and yes, it does float. My grandmother always bought Ivory Soap, the big bar that you broke in half. We didn’t have a shower. We had a bath tub and took tub baths with Ivory Soap. Thanks for reminding me of that good childhood memory.

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