A good walk

Mural underneath a bridge east of Spencerport, N.Y.

Leah’s notes


If you are planning to walk a section of the Erie Canal, this is a great section – from Adams Basin Inn (and be sure to stay there because Pat and Dave will send you off with a great breakfast; Pat is an artist with food!) to Rochester.

First, only three miles down the trail was a great welcome center in Spencerport run by a very welcoming young woman, Nora. Then it was only three more miles to huge Greece Canal Park, where we could picnic.

We’ll just leave this right here.

Then Henpeck Park (wasn’t explained but we can all hypothesize) and Junction Lock – which used to be something but isn’t anymore.


Lots of people on the trail today to visit with, lots of people fishing and boaters are venturing out.

I was nervous about trekking through Rochester because of traffic, but there’s a lovely trail!! And our motel, the Radiance, is practically on the trail. Hopefully, tomorrow for the second half of Rochester, the trail is as nice.

4 thoughts on “A good walk

  1. Love the murals. Love the tavern, especially the cash register, mirror and bar.

    About the Vienna sausages . . . It’s been years for me, too. When I was a little girl (keep in mind that my grandparents raised me), my grandfather worked in the coal mines. He packed a lunch bucket every day, and the big treat for me was whatever he didn’t eat from his lunch pail. That was a real treasure. He often packed, and brought home, Vienna sausages, only he called them “Viennie Weenies.” I loved them. Probably haven’t eaten one in 50 years!!!!!


  2. Kimberly

    I am wondering if you are following the canal exactly – when it takes a big turn do you follow it or cut across. also – it goes right through Palmyra. I hope you will have time to see the Sacred Grove and Joseph Smith home there. I think you would really like the E B Grandin building – he was a printer and printed the first edition of the Book of Mormon. Thanks for the great posts. I think I would like this trip!!


    1. Thanks, Kimberly.

      We are following the canal trailway, which becomes an important distinction later. In later years, the canal course was changed and routed through Lake Oneida; the trailway does not go that way, for obvious reasons. Later, for example, we will follow part of the old canal. At other points, it’s just a country road because it gets us from A to B.

      We have not been cutting corners except to get to our beds. Often, we’ve omitted a segment of the trail that way. When we have to walk a mile off course just to get to our room, we’re not in the mood to walk the same little, unshouldered road back.

      However, while we’ve not cut corners, I wouldn’t say we’re above it. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve charted us to go off-trail later to get to a motel in order for us to get an 18-mile-day instead of a 24-miler.

      As for Palmyra, we plan to arrive there Sunday. As for what we’ll do, that’s determined by how tired and sore we are (which has been worse than we anticipated, to be honest with you), when we make it and what the next day’s schedule is like. As I posted earlier, we’ve not done much sight-seeing.

      We did meet two missionaries on the trailway yesterday. We had paused on a bench so I could change a bloody sock (not as dramatic as it sounds) and they walked up. We had a nice chat. Anyway, Leah has a hit-list of what she wants to see if it works out.


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