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Turn left.

The squiggle in this photo – and hundreds of others – have been a bit of a blessing as we walk the Erie Canal Trailway.

We first became aware of them when we set out from Tonawanda, N.Y., on May 4. Leah noticed they were directing us along the pathway. One might think that shouldn’t be necessary, but there are many places where paths cross or branch off and it’s not always obvious which path will continue and which will dead-end in a subdivision.

“We’ll see how long this lasts,” I thought. Actually, I believe I said it out loud. Well, we’ve made it to Rochester now and they still pop up with regularity. We’ve taken to relying on them and, if we have any doubt, we go with the squiggle.

I suspect some bike club did it. Possibly, the state did, but the folks from there are more likely to put up signs, which, so far, have done a pretty good job of marking the route, but we’re glad to have our squiggles, too.

Friday’s walk wasn’t particularly note-worthy, mostly because I somehow hurt a knee early on. Usually, a pause and massage gets things going again, but this time any relieve was short-lived and the last five miles were pretty miserable.

Once we got to our quarters at Twenty Woodlawn B&B in Fairport, our hostess prepared an ice pack. A while with the ice and we were able to walk to dinner just fine. It’s still feeling well this morning and I’m looking forward to a day without having to carry my backpack.

Yep, after 10 days of walking, we’re off today. An old friend and her family are meeting us this morning to show us around and we’ll spend two consecutive nights in the same bed.

See two new photos by clicking here.

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