Fun with friends

Colt, Leah and BenjaminPlaying a little catchup here. These B&Bs are not often conducive to sitting down with a computer. Sometimes not even to sitting down

That’s all I’m saying about that now, but I’m planning a post for my regular page after we finish the walk.

Following are Leah’s notes from Saturday.

As usual, you can find other photos here.

Leah’s notes

What a super fun day!

Started off with a breakfast where we made new friends with our hosts, Connie and Bill at Twenty Woodlawn B&B in Fairport.

Next we spent the day with Marketta, a former workmate of Steve’s from more than 20 years ago. She and her family showed us all over the Rochester area. It was sort of like a preview of things we could return and see later in the summer, since Darien Lake is really not that far away from Rochester.

We saw Susan B. Anthony’s house, George Eastman’s house (as in Kodak), the National Museum of Play (which my grandson needs to visit!), a really old cemetery, the place where Marketta works, the Concrest housing development, St. Michael’s Cathedral with its glorious stained glass windows, another church with Tiffany windows, and numerous other buildings that were beautiful and interesting.

Not only did we see all those places, but Marketta and her husband Brian were so great at explaining just what we were seeing. They really could open up their own tour guide service!

Of course, in seven hours of sightseeing, we had to have a little lunch. We ate at Pi Craft pizza. Ohhhh, it is good! New Yorkers know pizza like Texans know BBQ.

Last, we had to go by and see the Pittsford Dairy – and get ice cream! Marketta’s family was also kind enough to run us by Wegman’s to shop for supplies.

Today, I made two new playmates – Benjamin and Colt, who also like Minecraft and who I can’t wait to see again.

But wait, there’s more –

We got home a little after 5 pm and had a wonderfully enjoyable conversation with our hosts about anything and everything in the world.

Whew! It was a day off from walking but not a day off from fun!

2 thoughts on “Fun with friends

  1. No, no–NY knows pizza. Leah, thank you for writing; I love reading it all! I have never been to Rochester, even though I spent the first 26 years of my life in NY! Well, maybe the Greyhound taking me to my boyfriend’s in Niagara Falls went through Rochester. Any way, I’m glad to read more about it. Is Steve okay? It’s not like him to say he’s having a hard time getting to the writing!


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