Fuel for the bodies

Two hearty breakfasts to start our walk.

Monday morning, we scooted out of our room a bit earlier than usual because breakfast was not part of the deal there.


Near downtown Palmyra, we stopped at Akropolis Restaurant. We have not stopped at restaurants often while wearing our backpacks, but we figured out early that a booth is ideal seating … room for our packs and for us.

But I’m talking about eating right now.

If possible, we attempt to get one hearty meal a day. Lunch is almost always the snacks we carry with us. We’re usually able to get a decent breakfast and often have dinner at a restaurant.

We burn up enough calories during the day that we’re able to eat like this and, when possible, even have a beer or two with dinner.

Well, our breakfast at the Akropolis outdid everything else, as you might determine from Leah’s photo. It was one of the few times I’ve not cleaned my plate of a morning.


Why print this picture? Tune in for the next day’s report for a neat story.

Leah’s notes

Monday’s walk was leisurely.

Thanks to a birder we met on the trail, we saw an oriole, a rose-breasted grosbeak, and a yellow-colored warbler. We had already seen a goldfinch, because thanks to my sister-in-law Tina, we knew what one looked like. I’m not a big birdwatcher, but these birds were so brightly colored it made them easy to spot and they practically posed for us. It was fun!

The nine miles we walked boasted only one park with facilities – Swift’s Landing Park, not too far outside Palmyra, which by the way used to be named Swift’s Landing. The trail seemed so remote even though we could often hear heavy traffic from somewhere.

We ended in Newark at the Vintage Garden B&B. This place deserves its name: well-manicured lawn, fountain spouting amid tulips and other flowers, herb & vegetable garden, multiple areas of all sorts of flowers and flowering trees, a green house, and a small woodland trail. Oh, AND real flowers in vases in the house.

Kimberly, our host, said she aimed for the 1920s for decorating inspiration. I can just picture “The Great Gatsby” set here.

Our room was spacious and well-lit. Best of all, Steve had a little table and chair so he could write.

Before settling in for the evening, we made it to the Clock Museum before it closed. Amazing collection of all sorts of time pieces that was donated by a local couple, the Hoffmans, and is housed at a wing in Newark’s public library. Glad we got to see it.

3 thoughts on “Fuel for the bodies

  1. You get to be outside, you are getting healthier, you investigate historic sites, you get to meet new friends, you get to be together on a common mission, you get to stay at beautiful places, and tomorrows are always going to have some mystery in spite of planning it all out. I don’t see many down sides (blisters, maybe the rain and lack of facilities along the way!) Hang in there… 1 1/2 weeks down, I believe.


    1. We started Week 3 today, Gail, and we’re thoroughly enjoying it. Maybe we’re getting healthier or maybe we’re destroying our bodies … the jury’s still out on that. Thanks for the encouragement.


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