New friend!

Kayaker Desiree
Leah and Desiree.

To begin the post about Tuesday, we have to back up to Monday. Did you see the photo in the previous post of a kayak on the canal? (Go ahead, scroll down and take a peek.)


Leah suggested I shoot it to illustrate a different form of travel, one we had seen a few people do. The blurry photo is the result of using one of those smart cameras that thinks it knows better what I want.

Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal … until Tuesday morning.

After leaving our overnight home and heading to the canal, we neared a young woman outside her tent (you’re allowed to camp along the way) rolling up her sleeping mat and we said good morning.

“You’re the couple walking the canal, aren’t you?” she said. We then figured out she was who we saw the previous day.

“I can’t believe you saw us through the trees,” I said.

“No, but I heard about you at the tourist centers where I stopped.”

How neat is that? People are talking about us.

But I’m sure they’re talking about Desiree as well. In her 30s, she decided to break out of the routine and decided to paddle the canal. She started in Lockport and plans to go all of the way to the Hudson River.

Bottom line, she’s an amazing woman. I hope our paths cross again downstream.

Next, Leah’s going to knock out Tuesday and Wednesday – Days 14 and 15 – in one post so we’re caught up again. I’ve placed several additional photos on the photos page under the subheads of Day Fifteen and Day Fourteen. Find them here.

Leah’s notes

The walk from the Vintage Gardens to Erie Mansion was mostly on roadsides on the shoulder. It wasn’t until we got to Lyons that there was a little park, Abbey Park, and then before we left town there was a McDonalds for a timely meal and rest room break.

Then, a long section of the trail followed Route 31. However, half a mile after passing the Ganz-Stokes Road intersection we turned right on the Old 31 and there was a tiny pretty park called Canal Side park that had a restroom.

We saw NO cars on this road until we got to the last block where there were some businesses. Then before we knew it were walking down the sidewalk in Clyde and standing before the Erie Mansion.

If staying in a haunted house is on your bucket list, then this is the place for you!

The owner, Mark Wright, has fixed up the 40-room mansion extravagantly. Angels adorn the front porch and gargoyles sit on the windows in the back and, yes, there’s a dungeon!

For $10, you can have an hour tour, but even better, you can spend the night at bed & breakfast reasonable prices. The suites were very clean and comfortable with a bathroom, TV and a mini-kitchen. But the fun part was the decorations.

Our room was the Red Room. Very romantic. Another room was all Gothic – would be way cool on Halloween! There’s a huge Honeymoon suite, and more.

If you like motorcycles and cars, you will enjoy seeing Mark’s collection. He also has a collection of autographed pictures of famous people he has chauffeured when he owned the highly acclaimed Right Limousine in Trumansburg, N.Y. Not your typical B & B owner, but he made everything fun for us. Say a prayer for him and his girlfriend Kim because she has recently been diagnosed with advanced cancer.

We slept hard after our 14-mile walk, so we saw no ghosts, but I looked for them before I went to sleep!!!

Wednesday, May 18, was a difficult journey to start our third week, but we were prepared for it. The route was off the trail because we would have had to walk much too far in order to reach the next room near the trail.

Another 14 miles down small country roads to get to historic Montezuma took us to the Hejamada campground. We are staying in a rental RV tonight. If you decide to walk this route, be aware there are no facilities at all on these 14 miles. It is all private open farmland for miles and miles.

Also, be aware that the Hejamada campground has only 4 campers they rent with a two-day minimum fee, and they do not supply sheets, towels or soap. And, if you go early in spring, they may not have their food service open although if you get there before 5, they have a camp store.

If you haven’t figured it out, my primary mission is to report on facilities, parks and such things related to our comfort.

2 thoughts on “New friend!


    Hi there…so enjoying your trek and I look forward to your emails daily. My husband and I met you in Texas this past winter walking the burned out state park if you recall. You gave me your card and so glad you did. Congratulations on walkin’ on. I’ve convinced my sister to walk the Erie route next sept 2017 as this fall we are walking our way across Spain. Seems like you both are enjoying the hike. Way to go…I love it. Mona

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Of course we remember you two. It was Bastrop State Park. You’re hiking the Camino de Santiago, aren’t you? That’s so cool. We have a pair of friends currently on the del Norte route; it’s at least their third time to do the pilgrimage. Walking the Erie in September will be a different look, for sure, and will also be warmer. Yes, we are having a good time and are just about to the halfway point. Thanks for contacting us.


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