Keep it clean-ish

canal stagesToday was the last day of city walking for a while, a short hike to the eastern edge of Syracuse.

We started with a bit of a treat. Since we didn’t have to go far today, we spent the morning visiting for services at Park Central Presbyterian Church, which was only a few blocks from our motel.

Other than that, the day was kind of boring, though walking through the city does give us different things to talk about. After we got into our room, I realized I had taken no photos today. So, I found this one from Day 8 that talks about the phases of the canal.

Otherwise, I thought I’d take this opportunity to address something a few have asked about in one way or another … how we handled clothing.

Since we’re carrying everything, minimalism rules.

Basically, we each have one extra set of everything but an additional extra pair of socks. Usually, I wear the same clothes while walking. Once we reach our destination for the night, I’ll shower and wear my “nice” clothes and hang up my walking clothes to air out. Of course, the nice clothes are also backups in case I need them.

OK, so now you’re wondering about washing them.

Just about everything is made of fabric that dries easily and we’ll regularly wash out items in the bathroom sink. Then they’ll hang wherever, hopefully where the fan can blow across them. As a final resort, the hair dryer almost every room has can be used to put on the last drying touches.

Tonight, though, we’re staying at a Holiday Inn Express that has a guest laundry. Right now, Leah’s down there washing just about every piece of clothing we have while I take care of our boring post. This is the third time we’ve been able to machine wash everything.

And with that, Day 19 is in the books. Monday will be 11.5 miles along the old canal until we reach Chittenango.

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