Packed day

Swamp iris
Swamp iris beautifying a bog.

Pardon us for being slow posting. Tuesday was a packed day, as Leah explains in her notes. Then, Wednesday was totally sucked up by a character I’ll tell you about in the next post, which may follow shortly or at least by tomorrow morning.


Emily and Ed
Emily and Ed

As for Tuesday, I need to mention some more interesting folks with whom we crossed paths.


On our way to breakfast, we met and chatted with a father-daughter bicycling tandem. Emily had just graduated college and joined her dad, Ed, who was biking the canalway because, “I’ve always wanted to.”

They’re from Ohio and had left their vehicle in long-term parking at the Buffalo airport. When they’re through, they’ll take the Amtrak back west and pick up their vehicle to drive home. I failed to get a photo of them, but Ed sent me one after they completed their trip.

Canadian cyclists
After a quick visit, these Canadian cyclists pedal off, leaving us to continue trudging down the road.

A few hours later, we met another couple of bikers, who are pictured here. Of course, I didn’t get their names. Maybe they’ll read this and let us know.

At least one of the second pair, if not both, is from Ottawa, Canada, and they’re biking a big loop to take in part of both countries. I gathered they’re primarily camping along the way.

I’m closing out with a guy in Little Falls, our Tuesday destination. The Travelodge where we stayed also had a restaurant and, next door was a two-screen movie theater. For some reason, I presume because we’re so charming, the lady at the hotel desk comped us a pair of tickets to a movie when we asked for more information.

The young man who accepted our tickets and then sold us a bag of popcorn, then ran up into the projector room to turn up the lights or start the preliminary videos or whatever. We were the only people in there for a few minutes but were soon joined by another couple.

After “X-Men: Apocalypse,” the credits began to roll and we were discussing whether there would be a teaser at the end, as the Marvel movies usually do, when our young ticket taker / refreshment specialist / projectionist barged into the darkened theater and took a position in front of his four customers.

He started yelling something and then said he would turn down the volume and ran out, coming back in just a second.

He went on to say there were nine minutes of credits to roll before getting to the final film clip and asked if we’d like to just skip to the end.

Of course, we said we would, he was gone in a flash and fast-forwarded to the final scene.

And that’s something I’ve never had happen in a movie theater before.

Leah’s notes

Tuesday. we were just like regular tourists.

We had a beautiful walk from Herkimer to Little Falls. It was like walking through a park even though most of the time we were actually on a small highway. Now, all the trees and bushes are leafed out and wildflowers are even wilder. Cottonwood fluff fills the air.

I saw something so incredible today – yellow swamp iris blooming all through the bogs beside the roads. I had noticed their leaves when we first started our walk four weeks ago and I so hoped I would get to see them bloom, and I have! In the dark boggy areas, it is so amazing to see this carpet of yellow.

So we have this lovely eight-mile walk and we get to this cool Travelodge, and what do we do? Dump our backpacks and go on a hike! Really. We strolled past cute little tourist shops, then walked across a bridge into a park area where you could see evidence of 200-year-old buildings and bridges that once lined the Mohawk River and canal area.

We headed toward Lock 17 on Moss Island in the river. It is one of the tallest locks in the world – 40.5 feet of lift! We got to see yachts go through.

We also saw rock climbers. The rock on the island is ancient – some of the hardest rock there is – so people are allowed to rock climb all over and hike all over. Let’s just say it’s not a delicate ecosystem.

No climbing for us but we walked all over. Next we strolled back to downtown and got to walk through the Main Street tunnel under all the railroad tracks – smart folks here – you walk from one set of shops to another.

Next, we had dinner in the hotel restaurant – excellent food, but our server, Kevin, was what made dinner so fun. He was from Little Falls so he could tell us all about the area, but mostly he’s just a really great guy. And then there was the movie Steve wrote about above.

And did I mention we walked 8 miles?

More photos on the photo page.

4 thoughts on “Packed day

  1. Delightful, Steve and Leah! I read it with a big grin all the way through. I love the small-town movie experience!! And, Leah, I love the images of the town you give us. I can hardly picture the 40-foot lock, although, on the Rhone or one of its canals, there was a huge one, and we (on our barge) rose at an amazing rate! So I can picture that. And the ancient rocks–up in the Adirondacks it’s mostly granite, but I picture your rock as dark colored. Isn’t New York great?? I have not been to any of these towns, except Syracuse, of course. Maybe in September . . . . Thank you both for writing so faithfully.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One more comment–those huge old mill buildings . . . They are what are near the falls in Cohoes, too–they’re everywhere. And–our town had a Memorial Day parade, and we school kids were required to be in it. Then our family rushed to my cousin’s town to see her twirl the baton in her town’s M. Day parade!


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