A walk to ourselves

IMG_1366Leah’s notes

Spent a restful night at the Pineapple House B&B in Canajoharie with our hosts Bill and Janine. They’re retired school teachers, so we had lots to talk about. They are bicyclers and like to travel and are fun to talk to – and it doesn’t hurt that gourmet cooking is one of their hobbies.

The Pineapple House was the last B&B of our trip; we’re getting close to the end.

Friday’s walk was about 12 miles and very unusual in that we saw no other hikers or bicyclers the entire 12 miles. We were, however, passed by two horse-drawn buggies full of Amish teenagers. We all waved at each other as they sped by, obviously on an important errand.

Amazingly, although the trail was sandwiched between an interstate and a state highway, it was still a great hike. Tiny waterfalls dripped through black rocks covered in moss creating green stalactites. Cottonwood fluff filled the air so it looked like snow; purple phlox lined the trail and trees formed a canopy of shade.

However, traffic from the roads definitely drowned out the frogs and birds and us. We surprised several bunnies.

I realized I hadn’t mentioned facilities in a while. Since we left Syracuse, the trail has veered away from the barge canal and the Mohawk River and I was wondering where the towpath trail was. Then I went “duh” because by the time the canal was all enlarged and moved for the third time, boats had motors and mules weren’t needed.

The trail has lately followed I-90. The canal is out there nearby also, we just don’t see it, but we sure hear the I-90 traffic! The good news is that the trail is very well screened from roads and the trees and bushes have all leafed out fully.

Also the trail passes nearer to facilities in towns. Benches have been more frequent and the locks (which usually have a least a park or portable toilet) are closer together on this eastern section of the trail.

One thought on “A walk to ourselves

  1. Annette

    Since I missed checking the blog the last couple of days…I feel like I’ve caught up with you or at least that I walked the last 8 miles. You two are real troopers.


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