Too much of a good thing?

CoolAfter the packed day we had Tuesday, it seemed Wednesday would be a little more­­­­ normal.

The trail leaving Little Falls treated us to a deep, cool cover like that pictured above. After about three miles, we looked around the home of Gen. Nicholas Herkimer, who I mentioned in Monday’s write-up.

San Diego boundBack on the trail, we saw someone approaching with a stroller. It wasn’t until he almost reached us we realized the stroller contained not a baby but bags and supplies, this in addition to the backpack he was wearing.

Meet Tom, pictured here with Leah. He started his walk three days before we did, but he still has quite a while to go. He began at Plymouth Rock. His destination is San Diego.

Why walk across the country? He said he needed to lose some weight (which he added he’s lost about 20 pounds already) and, basically, it seemed like the thing to do.

Best of luck, Tom, and let us know when you get there.

That serves as an appropriate segue to give a final report on Desiree, the kayaker we met a while back. She’s returned home now after tearing a hole in her kayak. However, she put in 220 miles and said she had a great trip.

ThodarAs I said, Wednesday was a fairly normal day … until we checked in to our bed and breakfast at INn by the Mill in Saint Johnsville. That’s where we got to know Ron Hezel and Thodar, pictured here (and I apologize for the poor quality; my flash got temperamental).

Ron is quick to tell you he’s 81 years old and he promptly termed us babies. He has had a very interesting life, if you believe it all. I say that because he clearly indicated he had no taste for facts that get in the way of a good story … and he has a ton of good stories.

Just a few tidbits: His parents broke up when he was young, his mother was an alcoholic and a prostitute, he spent time living in a brothel at an age where he didn’t fully understand everything, his mom was always dragging him off to a new relationship, he eventually moved back with his dad, his mother was later murdered, a teacher spotted a spark in Ron and managed to get him enrolled in the High School for Performing Arts, he built the remote-controlled robot Thodar his senior year in high school, that earned him a bit of fame at the time, he taught school more than 30 years and … well, do you really need more?

That’s just a list. Every one of those items had one or more stories attached and there really were more, including some related to the historic buildings that made up the inn.

The problem for us was we were quite tired after walking 12.5 miles that day. We tried more than once to signal that we really needed to hydrate, shower and relax, but he either missed or ignored those signs.

But we actually had another problem. We really enjoyed his stories. We needed to leave but felt an urge to stay. I had at least two other topics I wanted to have him address but couldn’t get my requests in. One was to explain why they capitalize the first N in INn. The bigger one was to hear the story about the building’s role in the Underground Railroad.

So, should you book a stay at Ron and Judith’s place (she, by the way, made some wonderful treats), make sure you’re there for more than one night.

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