Something old …

IMG_1398Leah’s notes

Today, we chose a path through the city and suburbs rather than the bike path in the green belt area.

We have very little city experience, but riding the train into Schenectady Sunday made us realize there were some really cool things about a city and maybe we need to work on our city smarts.

So we started smack dab in the middle of old Schenectady (note the photo above of the city hall … and that’s the back!). So many of the old houses all over New York have been fixed up for all sorts of uses: cafés, law offices, duplexes, rooming houses, shops, B&Bs.

house to cafe
This old house has been converted to a café.

That’s not just in Schenectady but all over the areas we’ve walked.


If you want a big ol’ three-story, seven-bedroom house, I can tell you where to find a few. They really have been perfect for B&Bs because the owners can use the front rooms for guests and the old servants’ quarters for their private area. Some of the folks get really creative with the spaces.

Well, back to our city walk. It was all sidewalk through Schenectady and it’s suburbs but the area changed – from old downtown, worn-out edge of town, historic area, 1920-1940s suburb houses, spread out estates and then to where we are, all new stuff.

We watched the buses run back and forth and realized if we decided to take trains on our next trip, we could ride the city buses where we wanted to visit.

Tuesday, by the way, is the last day of our walk.

7 thoughts on “Something old …

  1. I hate to see it come to an end! I have thoroughly enjoyed your reports and now I’m more eager than ever to spend some time in Central NY. I lived in Schenectady for three years! Right at the edge of the cemetery. I love all the Dutch influence up and down the eastern part of the state.


  2. Ann

    We too have loved following you. We (Ann and Aaron from Bellingham, WA) will be ‘backpacking’ the canal, east to west, beginning on July 5. We will be camping along the way and getting a room when we are ready. Last summer we walked the Oregon stretch of the PCT…about 450 miles. This will be a nice change from grueling mountains. I have always dreamt of seeing the Erie Canal, having taught about it twice to fifth graders. Your blog has been an inspiration to us. We are even thinking of beginning one ourselves! Thank you for your steadfast daily posts. We have truly enjoyed them. All the best, Ann and Aaron


      1. Dear Steve and Leah,
        Well I did it! I set up a blog for our upcoming walk on the Erie Canal. I’m still really green at this blogging stuff but home you can find it: http://www.bellinghamwalks,com
        We will begin walking on July 5 from Albany to Waterford where we will spend the first night. Hope you can find us and follow our adventure! Thanks again for yours!
        All the best,
        Ann and Aaron


    1. Not that I’m aware of, unless it was on the train and I have no idea if we did. When we walked out of downtown toward Latham, it was through mostly residential areas except for what had the feel of a small town business district.


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